Friday, September 26, 2008

Particularly Miss You

I walked by my pumpkin patch today and I realized how much I miss my nieces and nephew. Last year at this time we loaded up the back of the car with pumpkins and squash and made the 4 hour trip back home. I stopped by my brothers house to give the kids some pumpkins but they weren't home. So we put the pumpkins on the railing around the porch and ran away!! I felt like a little kid on May Day. This year I was hit with a plague of squash bugs which I battled all summer. They won and so I have a very small crop of pumpkins.

This morning the post office called and I went and picked up fifty one-day old chicks that I had ordered. Since I was missing my nieces and nephew I decided that I would name a couple after them. The first


I am naming after Mac(although he doesn't deserve it because he will never give me a kiss). Whenever I order chicks I always get one free "Mystery Chick". I decided this one reminded me of Mac. Mac - with our last batch of chicks the "Mystery Chick" thought I was his girlfriend. He would drop one wing and drag it on the ground and then do this side-step shuffle and try and get me in the corner. I think he wanted to give me a kiss.

The second chick I am naming after Miaelle(who does give kisses by the way):

about the last time I was home little Mia grabbed my hand and said, "Auntie Pam, come look at the big moff(moth)on the back door. I love kids(even ones who don't kiss). I miss you all so much!

Maddie and Mal I decided that I wouldn't name chicks after you since you are now such big girls. I figured that being named after a baby chick would not be to cool. I decided that I would wait for our new arrival in the spring(no auntie Pam is NOT expecting). We will be getting 2 cows in the spring...way cooler I'm sure. As Jake would say, "Mom that is soooo lame". Sorry girls it is either cows or rabbits. If you have a major problem with that I am considering a couple of pygmy goats. Let me know!! I love you tons and miss you more. And Mac have you ever heard the song..."Miss you miss you now I'm gonna kiss you"?